The site at 100 St Georges Terrace has a rich history, dating back to the commercial growth of Perth as it entered the 20th Century.

Over time, the face of Perth’s main business street, St Georges Terrace has changed as new buildings mirrored the prosperity of the State and the need for commercial headquarters.

With this proud heritage in mind, the inspiration for the redevelopment of 100 St Georges Terrace by ISPT was to enhance the site as a dynamic hub of retail and commercial activity – to reflect the pace, energy and vision that has driven, and continues to drive, the State of Western Australia.

In 2009, the 100 St Georges Terrace and enex Perth complex, designed by Hames Sharley and constructed by Brookfield-Multiplex was completed, and now brings an exciting new commercial and retail heartbeat to the city of Perth in the 21st Century.

Today, contemporary artwork by local artists celebrates and reminds visitors of the site’s fascinating history of past and present, adding colour and storytelling to the building’s foyer and common areas.